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April 27, 2013.  One of the first warm days of the year and looking for an interesting activity, Paddy and I found "The Delaware Valley's oldest and largest flea market" on the internet.  I always thought that the Delaware Valley was Philadelphia, but here it is in New Jersey.  The Farmers Market has an outdoor flea market and very large pavilions for indoor merchants.  After parking, we were closest to the outdoor flea market.


Most of the outdoor flea market was under a number of pavilions that would be great in case of rain.  It was Saturday and I noticed that there were many not covered tables and inquired it they ever filled them with sellers.  I was told that Sunday was the big day for outdoors and that every table got filled !



As you can image, every kind of merchandise was sold here.  If you had young kids, you could find clothes for a mere fraction of the cost compared to a typical department store.





After checking out the vast outdoor flea market, we entered the very large indoor merchant area.  We also had lunch in this area.



From one building to the next, we entered the Amish Market.  Very good food for sale.



The Produce Row, in yet another building had fresh food bargins.



To complete our tour, we drove past the Columbus Antiques Mall the the Amish Furniture buildings.



Before we left home, we didn't think we needed anything, but we laughed because Paddy found 6 books and several other items she had to buy.  We will return sometime this summer on a Sunday to see the huge outdoor flea market.



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