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August  14, 2013.  On another "drive to nowhere", Paddy and I found ourselves passing through Hightstown, NJ.  Turning off Rt. 33 onto Stockton Street we spotted this magnificent old house.  I turned the car around and parked across the street in a large church parking lot.


The distinctive colors and architecture drew our attention and we later found out that we were in the heart of the Hightstown Historic District.



This 1892 house is on the National Register of Historic Places, as it should be.



At first glance this gargoyle looked very menacing, but from a different viewpoint, it looked kindly.  We wondered if the artist used a particular person as a model.



All around the yard were statutes and art work of the period.




It's someone's private home and it must take lots of work to keep it in the excellent shape it is in.  A real fine place to take photographs, indeed !


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