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September 8, 2013.  The weather was great and another street fair was in progress.  After parking we entered Broad Street and found our fire department friends:  Bob and Bonnie.



It was lunch time so Paddy and I stopped at Readie's for a sandwich, salad and drink.


For me the Street Fair was about people.  This year I left my large, heavy camera and large lens at home and decided to use my small, light, pocket camera.  So off I went taking people pictures.



I couldn't help but notice the different hand bags.



At one of the booths, we found Ryan Crane and his excellent photos and photo conversions to a splendid art form.   Ryan is a great talent.


Paddy did some shopping too.


Every once in a while I spot someone who is very photogenic and have to take a couple of photos.



While there were many vendors selling clothing and food, my version of Street Fair is people.



Paddy and I had a great time in Red Bank today.



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