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November 9, 3013.    Another great fall day, with sunny weather.  Starting at 11 AM and every half hour after that, another wave of participants left the starting gate.  I arrived at noon, just in time to see the third group start out.




A popular obstacle and with careful balancing, few fell into the water.



With this challenge, everyone fell into the water.



The climbing rope ladder challange.



Moving to another area, I passed the pig race.  Lots of kids were enjoying this activity.



For the younger kids, there were also a number of activities.



The climbing wall obstacle.



There were eight hangers from one end to the other, but while I was watching, nobody was able to get past the third hanger.



Lots of families participating today.



Sometimes one can spot an expert, who can fly through an obstacle with ease, and then you see normal people who struggle and then some who fall into the water.



Miscellaneous obstacles.





I had a great time taking photos and everyone present today was definitely having a fun time.



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