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April 13, 2014.   It was 1:30 when Paddy and I decided to take an afternoon drive.  We took non-highway roads and before we knew it we were at Bear Mountain, NY some 90 miles from home.  The weather was excellent !

Instead of first heading up to the top of the mountain, we decided to check out the Inn.  After parking we saw the Bear Mountain Carousel, it had its own building.




Across the huge playing field, we saw the Inn and headed in that direction, near the back side of the building.



We walked around to the front, entered the inn and went to the lobby area.  Sometimes inns are historic with no rooms, not here, the Bear Mountain had 15 rooms, 13 luxury guest rooms and 3 suites.  Nice comfortable chairs in the lobby with views of the athletic field.




On the 2nd floor was the Blue Tapas Bar and the 1915 restaurant with a huge fireplace




On the 3rd floor were the guest rooms and with lounge area, conference rooms and ballrooms, it is a very large inn.



After visiting the inn, we traveled up to the top of the mountain and stopped at the Perkins Memorial Tower.  Then a short walk to the scenic lookout area where everyone was relaxing and enjoying the view.





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