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April 17, 2010.  It started out as a leisurely drive on a nice day and we ended up in one of our favorite spots: New Hope Pennsylvania, not realizing that it was a special event day.  We parked at the Triumph Brewery and no sooner than we parked, the New Hope and Ivyland train pulled into the station.



We walked down to South Main Street (River Road) and found the carriage ride and the cute driver.



We came upon this interesting gentleman and asked him about his unusual garb and he told Paddy and I that there was a Renaissance Faire at several locations in town.  We were delighted to hear that, and as one who loves photography, I was looking forward to taking photos of the Medieval costumes.


We found the first area of the Renaissance Faire with Medieval pirates, wenches and craftsman and took some photos.  It was clear that everyone enjoyed having their picture taken and were also having a good time.




Musical groups were at all the areas, entertaining the crowd.



One of the musical groups was enhanced with a number of belly dancers.


We continued south and found a Renaissance Faire singing group at one the taverns.  They were singing bawdy songs and the patrons also enjoyed singing along.



The restaurants were all doing a brisk business and this handsome, costumed couple were enjoying their lunch.



At the third area, we found a fortune teller and another Medieval musical group.



Smelling the familiar burning coal from a forge, we found a Medieval Blacksmith who made swords.  In the same area were other vendors showing their unique wares.



On our return trip, we revisited the first area to find two men sword fighting.  The crowd was focused on the event and It was very entertaining.



Everywhere we walked we found interesting faces and interesting Medieval costumes.




As Paddy and I walked around town between Faire areas, we took some photos of things that caught our eye.




CLICK HERE to see the 2012 New Hope Renaissance Faire

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